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Very simple interface
SVG Animator has a very simple and intuitive interface, it is designed in such a way that it would be similar to an ordinary Windows or Mac OS program and not distract the user from learning a new product.

Animation creation speed
Create interactive SVG animations in "no code" mode, you don't have to write code to make the animation move, just arrange the keys in the right order, and we will generate the SVG animation code ourselves. Use your time to be creative, not to write boring code!

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Tools svg animator online

Standard tools for creating SVG images will help you turn your ideas into reality in the form of vector graphics. You don't need to use heavy vector pc programs. Create vector images online using SVG Animator! Here you will find all the necessary tools for creating vector SVG online, such as:

  • line
  • pencil
  • circle
  • path
  • ellipse
  • rectangle
  • text
  • Figure


Now users are not tied to a stationary PC with installed software, just go to the online SVG animator from any device and let your imagination run wild.

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Capabilities svg animator online


SVG animator online has many options for editing vectors. After creating or uploading the desired image, you can easily change its parameters. On board there are both fields for entering the desired values, as well as visual editing.

List of possible changes to SVG graphics:

  • Scale
  • Rotation
  • Radius
  • Corner Radius
  • Fill color
  • Stroke color
  • Size
  • Position change
  • Anchor change
  • Stroke style
  • Opacity
  • Stroke dashoffset
  • Stroke dasharray
  • Path change
  • Gaussian blur

Also, when creating an animation or a static picture, our animator offers the ability to split the image into layers, which will make creating animation online even easier.


Creating SVG animations online is the main function of our service. Create animated icons in the most popular SVG format without writing a single line of code, we take care of everything!

You have the following options to animate vector graphics:

  • Morph
  • Morph line
  • Scale
  • Rotation
  • Radius
  • Corner Radius
  • Fill color
  • Opacity
  • Size
  • Position change
  • Stroke color
  • Anchor change
  • Fill opacity
  • Stroke opacity
  • Stroke dashoffset
  • Stroke dasharray
  • Stroke width

Bring your animated fantasies to life, no limits!

svg animation


Example svg animation

Don't worry about CPU usage, our svg animation editor uses svg animation css which makes it easy to calculate motions. You can use the most popular vector animation features such as svg path animation or svg line animation, if you really need it, try and create svg text animation. And if you want to animate a stroke or a path, we offer svg stroke animation which will allow you to create the most popular svg drawing animation.
Morphsvg is the ability to implement the transformation of one object into another, try to create something of your own with the "morphing" function.

Example svg animation zuz

Why SVG?

Many users may wonder "why do I need SVG animation", because there are other animation formats that you can insert and play on your site, such as GIF or video .mp4, .avi ... animation!

The answer is very simple.

SVG is by far the most popular image format used by millions of users on the internet to create lightweight, small images that don't lose quality when scaled up. Thus, by creating an SVG animation online, you get a high-quality picture that looks equally good at any magnification. The same cannot be said about GIF or video formats. Only Lottie animation can compete with SVG animation, which is also vector graphics and has the .json format.


The advantages of animations created by our online service are not only good quality at all resolutions, but also the fact that the generated code uses standard CSS animations, which greatly reduces the load on the computer's CPU during playback. What can not be said about the animation created using javascript.

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