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Image converter tools

A collection of tools that help modify & convert image files.


What is the WEBP format?

WEBP is a new image format that was developed by Google to improve web page loading speed and save internet bandwidth. With the online WEBP converter, you can convert images from JPEG, PNG or other formats to WEBP.


One of the main advantages of the WEBP format is its high compression ratio. WEBP can compress images up to 30% of their original size without losing image quality. This means pages load faster and users can browse the content of the website faster.

In addition, WEBP supports animated images, making it an ideal format for web animations. Animated GIFs usually have a large file size, but WEBP can compress animated images up to 64% of their original size for fast loading and excellent quality.

WEBP also supports transparency and multichannel, which allows it to be used to create images with transparent backgrounds. In addition, the WEBP format is compatible with many web browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and more.

JPG to WEBP converter

To convert images to WEBP format, you can use an online WEBP converter that converts images from JPEG, PNG or other formats to WEBP. Programs such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, and other graphic editors can save images in the WEBP format. In addition, our users can use an online converter that allows you to quickly and easily convert images to WEBP format.

All in all, the WEBP format is an excellent choice for optimizing the loading of web pages. It provides high compression, supports animated images, transparency and multi-channel, and is compatible with many web browsers. Using the online WEBP converter allows you to quickly and easily convert images to WEBP format and improve the speed of loading web pages.

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