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What is base64

Base64 is a way to encode arbitrary binary data into ASCII text. At its core, coding is very simple. Every six bits in the input is encoded into one of the characters of the 64-letter alphabet. The “standard” alphabet that is used for this is A-Z, a-z, 0-9,+,/ and = as a padding character at the end. Thus, for every 3 bytes of data, there are 4 characters. There are other variations of Base64 (mainly using other characters instead of + and /, but in web development you are unlikely to ever see them)

Why is this needed?

It so happened historically that many data transmission and storage formats use text instead of binary codes (html, url schemes, xml, email ... etc.). But what if the data transfer format is text, and you need to transfer binary data (separately or together with text data). This is where base64 comes in.

Typical application in web development

  • data: Schema URL for images (css, html) .. see below for details.
  • Getting the base64 representation of the canvas bitmap's binary data .. see below for details.
  • Transferring pictures and other data in XML (without using external files).
  • Storing images in a database (only if you know what you are doing and why).
  • Include images in email. … (The author will be happy to add items to this list if you tell me in the comments).

data: URL and base64 data: URL is a scheme defined by RFC 2397 that allows small data elements to be included in a URL string as if they were a link to an external resource. According to the RFC, "data: URI" is actually "data: URL" (URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator), although it doesn't actually point to anything.

The data: URL format is as follows:


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